Holiday break time from middle school

<p>It's that time of year again for a holiday break from middle school! THis goes for public school children and those attending places like the&nbsp;Ft Lauderdale private middle school. So what can you do with you youngsters so that they don't get bored and bug you? Easy. Get back to basics and begin by digging in as s team to help clean the place and then set up decorations. In fact, make some good old fashioned paper ornaments with glitter and markers and glue and other odds and ends you have around the house. THen dig in and start baking, too.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Buy bump resistant locks

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Are you worried about inheritance tax?

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The Best Trading Strategy is Flexible


There are a number of factors you need to consider when choosing a good day trading strategy. However, as a beginner, you should focus on a strategy which has been proven effective, timeless and easy to use not to mention flexible. Learn more about it below.


According to, “The less moving parts a strategy has the better it is to learn and use.” It should also be flexible meaning; it should work on several markets and trading scenarios. It is quite hard to find a strategy that fits your personality. When searching for it alone, it’s almost a hit and miss thing.


The most efficient way to find a simple, effective and flexible strategy is by seeking help from a professional trader.


What my friend thinks about his business

<p>I've been talking to my best friend regarding his business for a while and he says that even though he is happy with how things are progressing, he's actually considering investing money in the security of said business. Hence, I informed him about Aremco this morning. I am pretty sure that if he wants to buy gates and barriers, there is no other supplier that can be of more help to him. Meanwhile, if you are running a business yourself, you should check out Aremco as well. I can promise you that these guys offer a plethora of quality products.</p>

Does Your Company Face a Triple-Threat That Will Cause The Loss Of Your Company


Does your company face a Triple-Threat that will cause the loss of your company’s lifeblood – customers?

“Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.” — Immanuel Kant.

Whenever your employees leave for any reason — even just to go home — they take all or most of your company’s most valuable assets with them.

Every time they walk out your door, you say good-bye to:


your trained employees who possess… 

your intellectual capital and conduct … 

your proprietary business processes.


And when you l’ose any part of those three assets, you risk losing Business Development Advisor Jobs customers.

I’m sure this is not news to you.

But, the question is: What can you do about it? 

You can protect yourself from this Triple-Threat by slaying one of your company’s worst enemies – undocumented (tacit) employee knowledge (your intellectual capital).

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: I recently met a couple in a restaurant.

Sam was in real estate, and Betty worked for PeopleSoft. Betty was losing her job due to the Oracle/PeopleSoft Business Development Associate Jobs merger.

Betty’s boss asked her to go to India to train her replacement!

Well, I suppose her manager had nothing to lose by asking. But, you can imagine her answer.

OK,n0w multiply this problem by 5,000 Business Development Jobs employees! (As I recall, that is how many will be laid off in the merger.)

Baaaaad timing! As a manager, you must not wait until your employees are packing to leave to ask them to document their positions and tacit knowledge.

MURPHY’S LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS “Things get worse under pressure.”

Too busy to manage knowledge? 

I have helped companies that were moving all or part of their company out of California. Some employees were moving with the company, some were being “let go.”

The employees who were moving to the new location were “too busy moving” to document their work. Besides, they already “know their job.”

Worse, most people being laid off were uncooperative to-the-max when it came time to document their (lost) positions!

They had virtually nothing to gain and little to l’ose – except maybe a good recommendation (except management couldn’t really make that threat).

Really, during good times, it is difficult to get employees to document their positions and divulge their tacit knowledge – unless management provides an incentive. In fact, I recommend that you make it part of their position contract.

“Even in the best of times, it’s a battle to convince employees to participate in knowledge management programs. But in tough times, the tendency is for employees to horde what they know.” — Lauren Gibbons Paul

How to use your employee’s knowledge to help your company. 

Knowledge Management experts agree that tacit knowledge is the most valuable type of knowledge to a company. Thus, the value of most companies lies in their knowledge assets!

However, knowledge does not eliminate the need for skill – knowledge must be backed by skillful application of that knowledge.

As a manager, your success depends on your ability to capture and manage those assets. Don’t rely on random emails and documents. Instead, foster a culture of sharing knowledge.

One of the best knowledge management systems you can implement is to develop operations manuals (before it is too late).

Knowledge alone is not enough – it takes management support for employee satisfaction. 

A label has emerged for employees who are hired for what they know: “Knowledge Workers.”

The management of knowledge workers boils down to a marketing application, where management asks the question, “What do the knowledge workers want from us?” Instead of, “What do we want from them?”

Most knowledge workers want management’s support. And they derive job-satisfaction from using their special knowledge to solve problems and make a contribution.


Life of a Day Trader in Jordan




Some say day trading is just another get-rich-quick scam. I have to admit that that was exactly how I saw it back then. It’s hard to believe that you can finance your travel lifestyle by trading for a mere one hour a day. It’s just too good to be true. But it is!


My desire to re-learn day trading (properly this time) was all thanks to Marcello Arrambide’s inspiring travel adventures. With gorgeous pictures of Petra, Jordan and a statement saying, “What is it about day trading for a living that fascinates people? Day traders… the world has become enamored with them,” how can I possibly resist that? Honestly, it’s hard to master day trading. But if you persevere and be mentored by an expert, day trading and traveling is possible.


Wrote this micro-blog while I’m in Jordan btw –a dream come true!




Trading Academies; the Shortcut Road to Success

Now this is not a fallacy just so we’re clear. Learning how to day trade is damn hard especially if you don’t have someone willing to teach you. Well to be honest; you can master day trading on your own but I still recommend learning via such institutions. Find out the reason below.


You can master day trading eventually on your own. But how long will that take? How many months or years will it be? How many account balances burned? Why sacrifice thousands of bucks, thousands of hours and thousands of emotional breakdowns if you can get the secret recipe directly from the courses taught at a well-respected trading academy online?


Last time I checked; most people don’t have the luxury of waiting that long therefore the most logical thing to do is to learn day trading under the guidance of experts.


legal document management software

<p>By the nature of their business, law firms deals with more documents, paper files and various other forms than perhaps any other business. A law firm&rsquo;s revenue directly depends on continually producing new documents because they are paid on an hourly basis to create, review, revise and summarize documents. However, attorneys are not really paid for the actual time they physically spend typing or editing documents. They are compensated for their expertise, knowledge and their advice along&nbsp;&nbsp; with the ability to understand the information contained within the document and apply it to a broad situation in a legal way. Due to the high volume of documents creation and handling, all law firms need a legal document management software that provides organization, structure and document security. We hate to be obvious but less paper has a greater impact and advantage. Less paper means greater document security, less clutter and a more efficient work process. Imagine all of the time saved by simply finding a file in a few clicks instead of sifting through file cabinets. Wandering around a storage room for three hours trying to dig up files is no fun. In fact, it can be frustrating and demoralizing for support staff and for lawyers. Utilizing a legal document management software solution by will avoid this unpleasant task making employees more productive and generally more willing to put in extra effort on tasks that really do matter.</p>

Why Investing in Forex is a Terrible Idea


Forex is still one of the most popular investment vehicles in the financial world because of the low capital needed and high leverage. You can invest a $100 and may get $1000 in return. However, a lot of investing gurus still don’t want you to invest in Forex.


According to master trader Marcello Arrambide of, “I would not recommend that anybody invest in forex because there isn’t only manipulation in the market but there is also a significant amount of manipulation from the brokers themselves.” Note that in spite of being the largest market in terms of capitalization, this particular market is a decentralized one.


Among other things, it is shocking to know that giant financial institutions are in cahoots with each other in rigging the forex market for their own gains.